Individual Training


Formerly $29

  • For people just starting to learn about economics and inflation, written at a high school level
  • 4 inflation scenarios
  • Learn how others saved their wealth
  • Learn tips to get through hyperinflation
  • Learn which of the 6 asset classes are worth buying
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Employee Training



  • For sophisticated financial professionals who know the basics but need details on how to prepare creatively for inflation
  • Why buy this for your firm: So they can help you think of the details related to their particular role that you would otherwise miss
  • Contains 10 sections of business changes in high inflation:

    Contract Changes
    Expense Reduction
    Supplier / Contractor Changes
    Basic Goods
    Payment Systems

  • Get support 5 days a week for your inflation questions
  • Just 1 change because of this training could save your company millions - we list out numerous changes for you to consider
  • Also contains the individual training course as a refresher

Corporate Executive Training


The Big Picture

  • For busy executives who need ideas for staff to execute on - now!
  • The earlier you buy this course, the more advantage you can squeeze out against competitors
  • Why buy this for your leadership team: while your staff work out tactical issues, your team can focus on big factors that can make or break the business in high inflation
  • Adds 4 critical areas to help profit from inflation
  • Help your firm develop inflation-oriented policies
  • Become a thought leader in inflationary effects
  • Contains the employee training course and individual section as well