Inflation Searches Primed for Rebound

Feb 21, 2023
inflation chart

A casual Google Trends update on inflation searches worldwide shows an interesting result. From the trough, inflation searches tripled before peaking. Now, it appears primed for a rebound. This is in line with what we expect - inflation hit a temporary plateau, shocking people, as the Fed responded, but the overall trend of higher inflation is set to continue once people realize the Fed's limited options.

It's really simple - the Fed either has to create massive social unrest and put people out of work by creating a depression, or they have to give up and let inflation run. Inflation is the only thing that can weaken the national debt over time in the US (and in indebted countries around the world) - cutting spending has never happened since the US came off the remnants of the gold standard. Therefore - the choice is simple. However, the longer the Fed takes, the more violent the inflation rebound will be.

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