Silicon Valley Bank Failure = Interest Rates Cuts OR ELSE

Mar 10, 2023
bank failure cramer

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank is another 2008-like watershed moment - as in "Margin Call" - THIS IS IT. Either Powell starts cutting now or cuts faster later (ie, the "pivot" that has been talked about for months). The alternative is a global depression and run on the bank, which is doubtful that they will allow to happen.

Why? Silicon Valley Bank was a key lending linchpin for a ton of startups that, unless they get acquired, WILL go under. The problem is that SVB wasn't the only ones providing funding, and these startups are not the only ones without runway. Contagion would have been imminent, which is why this was shut down so fast, but it doesn't matter - another bank somewhere else will fail for the same reasons. #Inflation is about to run hotter than ever - trending to #hyperinflation even.

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